Polly Wash, a woman of color v. Joseph M. Magehen
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I know the plaintiff I have not
the plaintiff since she was here that untill samething like a forthnight
age whom she come to my house I know
these I had sum her before her face was
familiar to me after talking about old times
& facts & persons I became fully convinced that
she was the same person that was here
with same twenty two years ago
she said she had came to hunt us and after talking
some time she about the Batteys & Brackets
& other neighbour & things asked Pal
where she had been al this time & why
she had come here - She said she had
come here to sue of they could say have some
she had said here & said she had an idea
of under to get her freedom I these stated to her I recollected such facts as I have
stated. & I told her I was the thing to testify to
such facts as I known here at at St. LouisSt Louis
I do not know of any persons who have
made up a to and plaintiff in her
just for freedom. Deponent never heard
a things in his life-



Sworn to subscribed before me
before me this 7th day of April 1840 between the hours aforesaid

SamuelSamuel Laybold

( )