Polly Wash, a woman of color v. Joseph M. Magehen
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SamuelSamuel Word of lawful age being produced
sworn examined on the part of plaintiff deposeth
& saith I first know JosephJoseph one armed man thirty nine years age last
fall he then & in by man the time of
the afterwards moved unto the border of KentuckyKentucky where he had a
& & she had the
character of an honest & truth
was a little addicted to drink when
I last knew him in he had a
girl I never knew him to
have lent our own I moved here me the fall
of 1816 - The night fall JosephJoseph
arrived at the place where I was there
in this County she came with a waggon
& horses he brought with him house hold
furniture bedding Sam Iresh of a
& he brought with home the
negro girl mow called Pally & present
I am confident she is the same she
was there as man as I can judy about
years old - She assumed here I think

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the last of autumn or the first of
November AD 1817 - she said he had sold
his plan in the appeared to he in
search of a name myself and had
been old argument - he stapped - me
for a time, the particular reasons why he did
so I do not recollect - I have no doubt
I invited him to stap and rest a while hile she could
not be well accommodated with me and therefore stop with me was only untill he could
find same more suitable place - The fall
of his arrival but in early but after this
time there were pleasant spills of weather
the winter was him he arrived here
he had came about three hundred and eighty miles from
his former residence same time after his
aarivalhe appeared to be dissatisfied that he
had sold his property
he had sold his property if he had not sold
It was my understanding that
intended to settle me but how
I got this improper I do not know
The old mans residence here was temporary
he purchased no name here nor -
remember hearing him manifest any such
intruction the brought with the him a five
battle which at