Polly Wash, a woman of color v. Joseph M. Magehen
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I frequently hered old man say that
it was his intention to see the plaintiff for
at the death of himself and
me when here was between fifty and sixty years old I recollect some of the plaintiff while
here with at moons
kept his cattle - It was then in
there and funding the battle were up, the
man or not for want of food
far they had - I heard bracket say that
he did not intended to remove his stack
untill they had grown that they
could be recruited when travelling
me mr.bracket is dead us I am informed and believed
and has been dead for several years report says
he lived up the missouri about franklin when he did
the plaintiff stayed here in in IllinoisIllinois to near the
last of april 1818 - when she was taken away
as I understand to MissouriMissouri The old man here I think untill after the middle
of may I recollect the had grown
us to he sufficant to recounil battle and the
spring was quite late and backward
states further that after
here in now MadisonMadison County he remained
number of persons with waggons were to missouri These was nothing to

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where he chase to my
remained at my
I his waggon was not he took and such things as he wanted
by my house I this.
at the requst of ) I
had where assined removed from my
house & established a where I to
remove my house the came
an said had not term to remove my house
& I lived in the camp untill spring
Mr.bracket while here was treated as any other
neighbour that is with
here & &
where was here I talked upon him
as unsettled I heard mr.bracket say ans same
accounts he liked IllinoisIllinoiswill an same accounts
he had objections on amount of told names &
& sudden changes I much heardhim of
his trying to buy an home here I have now no
distance recollection of hearing have say where
he intended to settle while plaintiff was
here she was claimed by me as his
slave & treated as such of that in a reasonable
& indulgent way

SamuelSamuel Wood Senior

Sworn to subscribed before me
this 7th day of April . 1840
between the aforesaid


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