Polly Wash, a woman of color v. Joseph M. Magehen
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MaryMary of lawful age being produced
sworn & as a for the plaintiff
and says - some I can remember any
thing I have known me bracket be then
out the age the first that
I recalled of the plaintff who as now
present she belonged to old mr.bracket who
was then living at I came here
with my father & mother mr. & mrs.SamuelSamuel
& my husband in the fall of 1816
I have heard the of my father
& mother as above unthen read my recollections of the fails
stated by them in the general. corresponds
with thus - Mr bracket & family with the
plaintiff around here as I think the last
of october as the false of nowhere
I dont know when plaintiff left here but
I know she was here at a meeting which
I beleive took plan the last of
April - my husband moon
hered the plaintiff of mr.bracket for
a Dollar a & paid him in provision
for his stack & himself such as earn fodder I heard them matter the
she was hered first for two weeks this
was while bracket at my father after
mr.bracket moved to me she was
again hered to my husband on the some
times but how long she worked I can not
recollect - soon after

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mr.bracket arrived here he made a bargain
with my husband to his cattle I think
in number at this Dollars for
heard - he gat my husband also to
same of his houses - Mr. bracket
to be my any one to persuade his father
to to immediately for
he had no way of gang to misouri of park houses for some reasons unknown
to the and man declined giving
of the until spring & then
off on park houses with his wife
old man bracket brought with him to illinois four or five hours - this waggon was loaded
when he arrived in illinois household
furniture & as if it contained
such as mourns generally take with
them at was reloaded as
I believe I saw the waggan afterwards & empty and used in - I
bracket the old man living me Pasys -
house my husband from a
on me July 1818 - & then
me bracket moved in there my husband
left at this place barn &
to me - before
me which I
wa in may 1818 he & my husband had a
settlement in my and he paid
my husband has started into
eight Dollars & for this sum he gave
his note which has some him paid