Polly Wash, a woman of color v. Joseph M. Magehen
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I understand - old me bracket then regretted
lutterly that he life - he was
then as he said about to to missouri
when I first saw him in illinois I dont
know where he intended to settle - the old man
a to at a great lap what to do
but said if he had not sold his place
he would return to I heard my
husband old mr.bracket & his son talking
about the of plaintiff
in illinois the said she would be five
according to the Laws of IllinoisIllinois if this
father kept the plaintiff there until spring
my husband advised old me mr.bracket to
the plaintiff found to him by
the old man said he would not have
her in dentured & he would keep her there
until spring of the did get fun he said
he wanted plaintiff with him for she
was kinder to him than his own children
and he intended where him & his
dead that she should be from

they spoke to the old man of another plan
to prevent her from becoming for it was
to send her to MissouriMissouri for a time
& then her that she
should not be in illinois for more than
60 days at a time - the old man refused
to adapt this plan I know of
one reason or cause which prevented

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or could prevent old man mr.bracket from
going on to MissouriMissouri or elsewhere where
he first arrived in illinois I know that
many praple were daily traveling to
me missouri which the old man remained
here -

not being able to complete the taking of said
depositions by reason of the of the house
the further taking of the same till to
then to be continued at the same place
to same hours mentioned


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