Sydney, a woman of color v. George Hacker
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To the Honorable & Judge of
the eighth Judicial Cicuit of the State of MissouriMissouri

Your petitioner seytan otherwise sydney a chaman
of color respectfully that she is justly
entittled to her freedom, but yet he is held in
slavery by at St. LouisSt Louis
your petitioner state that the grounds of her
right to freedom are as follows she formerly claimed as the slave of held as the of GeorgeGeorge
that said GeorgeGeorge Hacker while claiming of having
your Petitioner as his slave about 14 - years past
took your Petitioner into the there part of the
State of illinois where he then resided and was
domicileated of kept of detained your petition there
in the state of IllinoisIllinois as he then resided for
three years after which a daughter of said
said to
said harker delivered your petitioner
time said ha claimed
your petitioner as his slave your Petitioner
states that about ten years - - last past said
by took your Petitioner into the state of
IllinoisIllinois in madison County where
there kept her at
as a for about 6 weeks when he took
her to the state of missouri & has
formed and believes that at is the intention of
said by to sell your petitioner as a
slave & she fears he will do so that she
be sent to a distant place where she will be
unable to the of her freedom
until he shall be presented by legal mean
she therefore prays that she may be permitted
to sue as a poor person establish her freedom
that unusual may be to her
that such orders may be made & such
legal taken as as well secured by personal

SydneySydney her