Sydney, a woman of color v. George Hacker
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State of MissouriMissouri

Saint Louis CircuitCircuit Court
CourtCircuit Court March Term 1840

SydneySydney otherwise Seyton a common
of complains of
little law of a plea of trespass &
false imprisonment for that on
the first day of January in the year of grace eighteen hundred & thirty nine
at St LouisSt Louisin said county the said
defendant with four &arms
make upon the said plaintiff
did then & there beat & bruise her
did then & there without any reasonable
imprisoner her & hath kept & detained
her in prison there from the day
last aforesaid to this day contrary
to the law of the sand & against
the pleace & degnity of this State
and the plaintiff ours that at
& before the committing of the said
grievances greivances she was & still is
a free person & that said Defendant
kept & detained & still holds & detains her
in slavery wherefore she suis

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