Lewis, a boy of color, by and through his next friend, Celeste v. John Stacker
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To the Honorable Luke E. LawlessLuke E Lawless Judge of
the Circuit court of the Louis County: The petition
of LewisLewis a boy of color by CelesteCeleste his mother and
next friend respectfully represents: That abourt
the month of March eighteen hundred JudyJudy
the grandmother of your petitioner was transferred
by a certain Robert BuntonRobert Bunton then a
resident of Vincerroy in the northwestern
Territory as an indented servant to a
certain LouisDuboisDubois who conveyed her to
the town of whence she was brought
to the town of St LouisSt Louis by a certain Pierre MenardPierre Menard
and sold as a slave for life to a
certain WilliamWilliam H. Lecompte. That the said
Robert BuntonRobert Bunton held the grand mother of
your peitioner the said JudyJudy for the space of
six months at least in the town of Vincerroy and
territory aforesaid during which time of she was performing
the various duties of a servant at the
house and for the family of the said BuntonBunton .

Your petitioner further represents that his mother
the said CelesteCeleste , his grand mother the said JudyJudy
and his auntAspisaAspasia daughter of said JudyJudy have
all been pronounced free by the verdict of

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and distinctjuries bond upon the facts above
set forth an are each of then now enjoying
their freedom, while your petitioner is held in
slavery by a certain John StackerJohn Stacker contrary to
law. Your petitioner therefore prays that he
may have leave by CelesteCeleste his mother and next
friend to sue as a poor person in order to establish
his right to freedom and that counsel
may be assigned for that purpose and as
in duty bound ever pray &C

CelesteCeleste her