Celeste, a woman of color v. Alexander Papin
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consent that these two causes may be tried together by
the same jury as one action and there upon come
also a jury to wit. Robert H. Carly DanielDaniel Pendell
Oliver Harris SamuelSamuel S M Shipp George M Willing
ThomasThomas Dowler SamuelSamuel Farley Parick M Dillow John
Arthur George HGeorge H Callender. James Johnson James
Morris twelve good and lawful men who being duly
elected tried and sworn the issue within joined will
and truly to try retire to consider of their verdict.

afterwords to Wit, On the first day of September[ on the first day of September ] in the year last aforesaid the
following further proceedings were had in said cause
to wit Mistrial
Celeste & Celestine vsAlexander PapinAlexander Papin Now
at this day come again the parties aforesaid by their
respective [ attornies ] and give the court to understand
and be informed that the jury in this case after their
retirement being unable to agree upon a verdict
were discharged by consent from rendering a verdict
and there upon this verdi cause is continued. And
afterwards on the twelfth day of September in the year
aforesaid the following petition and affidavit were
filed in said cause to Wit Petition
for change
of Venue
To the St Louis CircuitCircuit Court
CourtCircuit Court in the State of MissouriMissouriCelesteCeleste a Woman of
color for herself and on behalf of her infant child
CelestineCelestine ,, respectfully [ sheweth ] that the and her
said Child have seperate suits of freedom pending
in said Court against Alexander PapinAlexander Papin She states
that herself and child have had these cases once
submitted to a jury who did not agree. She is
informed that the testimony before the jury was
in law strong and conclusive in favor of their right
to freedom. She believes that the judge of this court
is prejudiced against the claim of her and her said child
for freedom. She therefore prays that the may

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be changed to some other circuit where the cause complained
of may not exist. CelesteCeleste her mark x CelesteCeleste
the above named petitioner for herself and child
on her Oath states that the facts in said Petition Stated
are true and she further states that she has just come
to believe that neither she nor her child can receive
a fair trial in St Louis County on account of the
sames alleged in said Petition CelesteCeleste her mark x
Sworn to and subscribed before me this 11th day of September A. D. 1838P. WalshP Walsh Justice. Whereupon
on the day and date last upon said the following further
proceedings were had by the said court, in the
said cause to wit change
of venue
Celeste and CelestineCelestine vsAlexanderAlexander Papin
PapinAlexander Papin . On petition and affidavit of said CelesteCeleste
Stating her belief that the judge of this court is prejudiced
against her and [ he ] childs claim to freedom
it is ordered that the venue of this cause be changed
to the county of St CharlesSt Charles in the third judicial Circuit
Court of this State and that the same be certified
to the Circuit Court of that county accordingly