Celeste, a woman of color v. Alexander Papin
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in the Town of St CharlesSt Charles on the first Monday
after the fourth Monday in October and on the fifth
day of said Term the followin being the second day of November 1838 the following proceedings were had
To Wit Celeste and CelestineCelestine vsAlexander PapinAlexander Papin
Petition for freedom Continued. And afterwards
to wit as the May term of said Court to wit on the
10th day of May 1839 The following proceedings were
had in words and figures following, CelesteCeleste vsAlexanderAlexander Papin
PapinAlexander Papin Trespass and false imprisonment
Now at this day appears said plaintiff by F. W Risque
her attorney and said defendant being solemnly called
comes not but makes default, and the cause being
submitted to the court for trial the court finds that said
defendant is guilty of the said Trespass and false
imprisonment in manner and form as said plaintiff
hath above thereof complained against him and the court
doth assess the damages sustained by said plaintiff
of reason of the same to the sum of one cent. Therefore it
is considered by the Court that the said plaintiff CelesteCeleste
be emancipated and for ever set free from all claim
of the said Alexander PapinAlexander Papin defendant and all person
claming by through or under him and that the
said plaintiff recover of the said Alexander PapinAlexander Papin
the sum of one cent damages assessed as aforesaid
together with her costs and charges by her about
her suit in this behalf expended and that she have
thereof Execution