Aspasia, a woman of color v. Hardage Lane
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And for further plea in this behalf the said
defendant comes and defends the force and injury
wherein and says that the said plaintiff her aforesaid
and action thereof against him the siad defendant
ought not to have or mantain because he says
that the said plaintiff heretofore to into at the
July Term of the SaintCircuit Court Louis CircuitCircuit Court CourtCircuit Court
AD1837. held at the CityCity of St Louis of St LouisCity of St Louis to wit at the
county aforesaid before the HonbleLuke Edward LawlessLuke E Lawless
judge of the said court dulycommissioned to
hold the same, by a certain writ of summons
upheld the said defendant in a certain plea
of Trespass with force and arms for the committing

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the very Same supposedTrespass and grievances
as the said declaration above mentioned. Therefore
the said defendant afterwords to wit at the said
July Term of the same Count pleaded that he
the said defendant was not guilty of the said supposed
Trespass or any part theereof and was
therefore found upon the plea and behalf
the said plaintiff and the said defendant and therefore
afterwards to wit at the March Term of said Circuit CourtCircuit Court
AD1839 - at the city and County and country
aforesaid the said upon cause to be heard and
was then and there tried in due course of
law by a jury of the county duly summoned
tried chosen and sworn in that behalf between
the said planitiff and the said defendant which
jury when the said trial then and there upon their
oaths found the said defendant guilty of the
said supposed trespass as in the said declaration
mentioned and by that judgment and consideration
of the said court upon the and findings
of the jury aforesaid it was then and there
ordered and adjudged by said court that the
said plaintiff circuit of the said defendant the
au cost by reason of the whi
the said declaration mentioned and thought hour twenty december , as by
the and findings their in
the said court defen the prose afens and at the county
afens and fortly and at large appears to, which said
pursuant their in fever and effect not in the least
or made and this he the said defendant is to
severy by the land nend, presuant
of the said plaintiff ought to how or her afens and
thereof against him &c

Geyer & Hudson attys for Deft