Charles Endicott vs. Benjamin Class
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Calvin Case of lawful a being produced sworn and
examined deposeth and saith. I have known the plaintiff
CharlesCharles Endicott EndicottCharles Endicott occasionally since the year 1830 or 1831

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at Sacketts Harbor where I then resided, & when I last saw him
in 1835. I did not see him again until I saw him in S LouisS Louis
in June 1839 I have no doubt as to his Identity I also
knew his reputed father who kept a barber shop there & passed for a
free man & acted as such in the years 1830 & 1831, & occasionally
went on steam boats, he had several children-

Question- was the father of the plaintiff acting as
and considered a free man & did you ever know of his
being claimed or a slave?

Answer He did act as a free man there as all other
colored persons do, and I never knew of his being claimed
as a slave

Question, Did you also know the mother of Plaintiff
& did she act and was she reputed to be a free woman,
& did you ever know of her being claimed as a slave?

Answer. I know the reputed mother of the plaintiff
or the woman who lived with his reputed father as his
wife, who & was considered as a free woman as all
other colord persons there are-

Question are you acquainted with Chester Mellen the
last witness & what was his business & standing at Sacketts

Answer I have known him there since 1826 when I went to
Sackets Harbor to live, until the Spring of 1837 & have not
seen him since until to day, he was engaged in the mer
cantile business & his character was as goods as that of
any man there.

Cross Examined

Question- Have you not reason to believe that there are many
runaway slaves living on the line between CanadaCanada & New YorkYork

Who pass themselves off as free persons the community there?

Answer, I have never known any as low down as Sackets Harbor
higher up about Buffalo & on the lake there are

Question- Did you ever hear while living in
New YorkYork the right to freedom of the plaintiff for of his father or