Charles Endicott vs. Benjamin Class
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State of MissouriMissouriSaint Louis CircuitCircuit Court
CourtCircuit Court July Term AD 1839

Charles EndicottCharles Endicott and infant under twenty
one years of age a mulatto complains of
Benjamin ClappBenjamin Clapp of a plea of trespass
for that on the first day of January in the year eighteen hundred & thirty nine the
the said defendant at St LouisSt Louis in said
County with force & arms then &
there seized & enslaved the said plaintiff
and then & there & with and
any reasonable or probable cause imprisoned
him & hath kept him there imprisoned
from the day last aforesaid to this day
& other wrongs then & there did
and the plaintiff avers that before
& during, the time of committing said
grievances the said plaintiff was and
still is s free person and the Defendant
kept & detained & Still does keep and
detain the plaintiff in slavery wherefore
he brings suit toCharlesCharles Endicott EndicottCharles Endicott


G A BridG A Brid his
next friend & Counsel