Charles Endicott vs. Benjamin Class
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believe to be true- that the
Petitioner was pursuaded to leave his
father & mother by our SamuelSamuel gray
who afterwards kidnapped him & said
him as a slave to Benjamin ClappBenjamin Clapp of
St LouisSt Louis On friday & Saturday last the
prisoner was to find
to assist him in procuring his freedom
& called with affiants at the
G AG A Bird BirdG A Bird who was not found there
The seemed to be alarmed for
fair he might be from St LouisSt Louis
to present his attaining his freedom said
BirdBird informs the affiants that he
promised to prepare his Petition & affidavit
to enable the petitioner to sue for freedom
yesterday & that the Petitioner agreed to
call on said BirdBird last night &
make the affidavit but
did not from which the
affiants think they have reason to
believe that the Petitioner has been
prevented from making said affidavit
by said Clapp or sam one also

W M S.

Sworn to Wm S Nelson
this 6th day of may 1839
before me

Justice of the