Pierre vs. Therese Cerre Chouteau
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To the honorable Luke. E. Lawless, Judge of the St. LouisCircuit Court
Circuit CourtCircuit Court.

Your petitioner PierrePierre , a mulatto, respectfully
represents, that his mother, a negress, named RoseRose , was born in montreal in Lower CanadaCanada, about the
year 1768.

He further represents, that in the year 1791,
or there about, your petitioner's mother then being about
twenty three years of age, was taken by one John stock from
MontrealMontreal to PrairiePrairie chien in the south-western
territory of the united states, where she remained with
said strok rendering service to him and his family untill
the time of his death which happend as your petitioner
is informed and belives about the year 1794.

The further states that about the year 1795,
one andrew todd took your petitioner's mother and
brought her from prairie ChienChien to St. LouisSt Louis, now
the City of St. LouisCity of St Louis, and on the 28th day of October of the
same year, by bill of sale of that date, 666,
sold her to one Pierre Joseph Didier, claiming to have
lawfully acquired her of the state of said John stock

The further states, that on the 8th of august 1798, by bill of sale of that date, sp.arch no 750, the
said DidierDidier sold your petitioner's mother to one
auguste chouteau together with her two children,
deseribing them in said bill of sale as a
"named RoseRose , a native of montreal in CanadaCanada, aged
âabout thirty years, and her two sons two
âyears old, and ten months old, both
âborn in this County. âIn this bil of sale the said
DidierDidier declars that he given no warranty
as to the tittle to said slaves.

Your petitioner further states, that his mother

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remained in the service of ChouteauChouteau , until the
time of his death. Whilst in the service of the said
ChouteauChouteau said RoseRose became the mother of several
children, amongest whom is your petitioner, born
about the second day of December 1807.

after the death of said ChouteauChouteau , your
petitioner was sold as property belonging to his
state, and was purchased by one Edward Chouteau
who subsequently sold your petitioner to and
Therese Cerre Chouteau, by whom he is now held
and claimed as a slave in said County.

now your petitioner claims that he is a
free man, first became him mother was born face,
being a native of a British province in which
slavery was not tolerated, and secondly, because
if his mother were boun a slave, she become
by her residence at Prairie Chien a free
person under the Ordinance of 1787.

Your petitioner therefore prays that he may
bepermitted to bring suit as a poor person against
the said Therese Cerre Choutean in order to establish
his right to freedom; that your honor will
order that he have resonable liberty to attend
his Counsel who may be afsigned him, and the
Court over which your preide, as occasion may
require, that he be not removed out of the
ofsaid Court, and that he be not subject
to any severity on account of this his application
for freedom and as in duty bound your petitioner
will ever pray

This is the PierrePierre mark



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