Pierre vs. Therese Cerre Chouteau
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Before the officer of the western part
of IllinoisIllinois and present was the notary
Mr Andre Todd negotiator of MontrealMontreal in
CanadaCanada for these presents bought and transported
in maintaining and always promising
to ensure all troubles, donations, monies, debts,
mortgages, evictions, substitutions and other general
preventions with which Mr.
Dn. DidierDidier Cure of this parish and city of StSt Louis.
LouisSt Louis at the present, accepted purchase for
her and these heirs with cause, a negro
slave named RoseRose of the area age twenty
seven years of there to have apparently left
legitimately following a fire of John
Stork of there which he is besides charged. The
said negro woman is to have contentment and to be disposed of the
said Sr. Dn. DidierDidier purchasing her and these heirs and with
cause otherwise, her choice is to begin
her contentment today, and so
this sale, having the price and value of
eleven cents eighty seven livres and half in
deer skins at receipt, payable the
first of May of the next year
1786. Having
a penalty in delay of all costs, damages and interest,
the said negro woman sold at present residence
is allowed special privilege and
in the other, the said purchaser and those obligated for her persons
and these good presents, and future transports
for the said Sr. Andre Todd the said purchaser
of all rights of property and others there and ableto have on the said negro woman presently sold
his profit in my possession and seized to and of
these heirs with cause and so it was
agreed between the parties that we sign with
Mr. Antoine SoulardAntoine Soulard and Manl. Gonzal Moro
in St. LouisSt Louis with our officer from IllinoisIllinois
the twenty ninth day of the month of October
the year 1795

AndrewAndrew Todd
Antoine SoulardAntoine Soulard Manl Gomz Moro