Pierre vs. Therese Cerre Chouteau
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Before us Dom Zenon Trudeau, Lieutenant
Colonel of the Regiment stationed in LouisianaLouisiana,
Lieutenant Governor and Chief Commander
of the western post of IllinoisIllinois a made notary in lieu of this. Present was Dom Pierre Joseph Didier, religious
leader, Priest of the St. LouisSt Louis parish and resident, returning here voluntarily and confessing to have sold, conceded, left and
delay in these presents of always maintaining,
promising to guarantee all troubles, debts
mortgages, donations, monies, and all general preventions
for which Mr. Auguste ChouteauAugust Chouteau
negotiator of said St. LouisSt Louis
to this present accepted purchase for her, her
heirs, and with future cause, a negro woman
named RoseRose , native to MontrealMontreal, government
of CanadaCanada, of the area age thirty years, with
two boys, one named BenoitBenoit the age of
two and a half, and the other named Toussaint
the age of 10 months; the two born in this area,
without them guaranteed solely for the said seller
in these made promises and obligations
however the said slaves themselves could
arrange to what the said purchaser said was
to be known good and
satisfactory in what they received:
and so this sale
was made and witnessed for the price and sum
of six cents fifty piastres, in deer
skins in receipt and to the payment of the place,
this sum the said gentleman seller had known
and confessed to have received without passing of
presents. And so therefore made this promise and this obligation
and this reminder and these were made and occured in St. LouisSt Louis in the
Government office, in the year 1799, the ninth of August, in the presence of
Gentlemen Charles SanguinetteCharles Sanguinette and Joseph RobidouxJoseph Robideaux
assisting witnesses, verifying that we have
signed with the said gentleman seller, and
our Lieutenant Governor and the said gentleman

Auguste ChouteauAugust Chouteau
Cure de St. LouisSt Louis
Fr. Robidon Chle Sanguinet
Zenon Trudeau