Charles, a man of color v. Peter Verhager
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FrançoisFrançois Demette of lawful age being produced, sworn
and examined on the part of the plaintiff deposeth
saith. about [ for year ] ago I was passing
by the house of the [ Nunes ], or sister, in the town of
CahokiaCahokia. and I saw CharlesCharles a Negro man belong-
ing to the Bishop in St LouisSt Louis, at work as I believed
but I do not know [ weather ] is was painting or
whitewashing. and I [ freequently ] saw him walk-
ing in the street of CahokiaCahokia. I Believe that the
said CharlesCharles came in CahokiaCahokia by the consent of
his master for I saw Mr Rosati the Bishop
of St LouisSt Louis. in CahokiaCahokia: and the said CharlesCharles . -
came in CahokiaCahokia too, and work one day and a half
while the Bishop was present. this was about the first or second day of June in 1839.

FrançoisFrançois his mark Demette