Brunetta Barnes, a person of colour v. John Berry Meachum
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Deposition of witness taken in a case pending in the
St. LouisSt Louis circuit court Statee of MissouriMissouri wherein Brunetta BarnesBrunetta Barnes
is plaintiff and John Berry MeachumBerry Meachum is depondont
in pursuance of notice hereto attached and at the
time and place therein mentioned: Neither of
the parties being present JesseJesse . R. Grant of the
County of ClermontCounty of Clermont and State of OhioOhio. of lawful
age being first duly sworn by me as hereafter
certified. Deposes and says that some time in the
year 1826 or 27 the late PeterPeter Grant of Maysville
Ky brought to the house of deponant then in
Georgetown Brown CountyBrown County OhioOhio a colord woman
named LeahLeah he said PeterPeter Grant Stated that
he had come to assist LeahLeah to establish her
freedom in the BrownBrown County CourtCircuit Court of Common
Pleas then in session- a few hours after ArthurArthur Mitchel
MitchelArthur Mitchel the former owner & then claiment of
LeahLeah and John Mitchel the Brother of ArthurArthur Mitchel -
MitchelArthur Mitchel come to the house of deponant. deponant
was previously acquainted with the Mitchels and
learned of them that Arthur MitchelArthur Mitchel had lived
some time in Brown CountyBrown County OhioOhio from one to three
years the precise time not Recollected and had
kept LeahLeah with him as a servant. It was on these
grounds that LeahLeah claimed her freedom the parties
staid at the house of deponant most of the time
until the trial come on which was from four to
six days- deponant thinks he was not present
at the trial but after it was over the Mitchels
PeterPeter Grant & Leah all Returned to his house and
all stated and agreed that LeahLeah had succeded in
establishing her Right to freedom. deponant also
heared the same from Some of the officers of the court
and other persons at the trial- it was then agreed
by the parties that LeahLeah and her child should
Return with Arthur MitchelArthur Mitchel as free persons and live
with him as Members of his family, and with that

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understanding they all left the house of deponant- LeahLeah
appeared to be from twenty to twenty five years of age she
had a Mulatto male child with her from two to three
years old and was said to be in an advanced state of
pregnancy- deponant thinks that LeahLeah was of light
complexion but does not distinctly Remember
deponant heared that Arthur MitchelArthur Mitchel afterwords
moved to the State of MissouriMissouri and tookLeahLeah and her
children with him. but has no personal knowledge
of the parts, and further this deponant said not


JesseJesse R GrantR Grant