Josiah Cephas, a colored boy, by and through his next friend, Diana Cephas v. James Scott and Murray McConnell
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The people of the state of IllinoisIllinois
upon the relation of Charles CollinsCharles Collins of MissouriMissouri
DianaDiana a woman of colour Joe a child of
said Diana's who are claimed as fugitive slaves

This day came Charles CollinsCharles Collins before me &
made oath that the defendants in this cause were fugitive
slaves from the state of MissouriMissouri and that said
slaves when they left the state of MissouriMissouri were the
property & slaves of said Collines and he then prayed
that the said slaves might be arrested & dealt with as
provided by law. Whereupon a warrant was
issued and was put unto the hands of Will Hackett
a constable who brought said slaves before me and I
having heard the testimony adduced was of opinion
that said defendants were slaves as alledged by the said
Charles CollinsCharles Collins whereupon I made a certificate to
that effect & the said certificate & the said slaves were
then delivered over to the possession of the said CollinsCollins

signed Royal MooersMoore