Josiah Cephas, a colored boy, by and through his next friend, Diana Cephas v. James Scott and Murray McConnell
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Deposition taken at the office of Royal MooersMoore Esq at
NaplesNaples in the County of ScottCounty of Scott & State of IllinoisIllinois. Between the
hours of Eight oClock in the morning & six oClock in the afternoon
of the Eighteenth day of April AD 1841 Eighteen hundred &
forty one in pursuance of a comission issued from the clerks
office of the Circuit Court of the County of Saint LouisCounty of Saint Louis and
state of MissouriMissouri, which commission is hereunto attached
& which deposition are to be read in evidence upon the trial
of a cause now pending & undetermined in said CircuitCircuit Court
CourtCircuit Court wherein Joe or Joseph Cephas who sues by his next
friend DianaDiana Cephas CephasDiana Cephas is plaintiff & MurryMcConnellMcConnell is defen
-dant on the part of the defendant.

Mark. W. Delahay of lawful age being produced & being by me
the undesigned Royal MooersMoore an acting Justice of the peace in
and for said County of ScottCounty of Scott & State of IllinoisIllinois. Sworn to testify the whole
& nothing but the truth deposeth and swears as follows to wit--â
"Question by the defenant to said witness
was you ever acquainted with a coulord woman called
DianaDiana and her child Joe or JosephJoseph if so state all you
know in relation to them

The said witness in answer to said interrogatory deposeth and
saith That he was acquainted with said negress called DianaDiana
and her said child Joe or JosephJoseph . That he knew them first
in the year Eighteen hundred and Thirty Eight in the state of
MarylandMaryland, and that they were then slaves, and belonged to
one Ann Jane TurpinJane Turpin then a resident of said state of Maryl
-and and further states that said negress DianaDiana was a slave
for life and also her child Joe- "That the said DianaDiana became
the property of the said Ann Jane TurpinJane Turpin by the death
of one Francis Turpin, who died intestate, seized of a large
number of slaves "and who was the father of the said Ann
Jane TurpinJane Turpin " and that by a commission duly appointed by the
Orphans Court of Dorchester County in the said state
of MarylandMaryland, of which County the said intestate was at the
Time of his death a resident thereof. That said DianaDiana

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under said commission was allotted and set appart unto the
said Ann Jane TurpinJane Turpin then a minor together with other
slaves as her portion or distributave share of the said intestate
personal property and that on or about the 17th day of July One Thousand Eight hundred and thirty Eight the
said DianaDiana & her and child Joe or JosephJoseph became the property
of said witness by his intermarriage with the said Ann
Jane TurpinJane Turpin and the deponant further deposeth and
saith, on or about the 1st of June Eighteen hundred and
thirty nine he left the state of MarylandMaryland in Company with
Ann Jane Delahay his wife-formally Aann Jane TurpinJane Turpin
bringing with them the said DianaDiana and her said child
Joe to the city of Saint LouisSt Louis in the state of MissouriMissouri "and That afterwards to wit"

On or about the forth day of July of said year he The
said witness sold said negro slaves DianaDiana and her
said child Joe to one CharlesCharles Callins of the city of
Saint LouisSt Louis for the sum of Eleven hudnred Dollars
at whose house said slaves had been remaining for some-
time and where also the wife of said witness then was
and where she had been confined to her bed sick requireing
care and almost constantnursing- "and that the
said DianaDiana was her principal nurse, and had been
from her infancy up "and That on or about the
six or seventh day of July in the same last mentioned
year, said witness left with his wife for the Town of
NaplesNaples afforesaid and that the said DianaDiana was they
sun by said witness and her said child Joe an
of the same steam Boat upon which said witness
and his wife had embarked Then bound for the IllinoisIllinois
river- "and that she the said DianaDiana came of her
own free will and accord bringing with her the
said child Joe - "and that she was notasked to come
nor was their any inducements held out to her by said
witness- "and that she came away without the consent