Josiah Cephas, a colored boy, by and through his next friend, Diana Cephas v. James Scott and Murray McConnell
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Deposition of Ross B. Hughes of the County ofCounty of Lee LeeCounty of Lee
in the Territory of IowaIowa taken on the 13th day of July A.D. 1841. between the hours of 10 O. clock A.M. & 6 O. Clock
P.M. of said day at the Office of L Fleak pur-
suant to the enclosed notice to be read in evidence in
a cause pending in the Saint Louis Circuit CourtCircuit Court in
the State of MissouriMissouri between Josiah CephasJosiah Cephas by his
next friend DianaDiana Cephas CephasDiana Cephas plaintiff and James ScottJames Scott
and Murry McConnelMcConnell defendants as follows: The said
Ross B Hughes doth depose and say that on the 7th day of July AD 1839 Hask W Delahay arrived at
NaplesNaples IllinoisIllinois and took lodgings at the NaplesNaples
House kept at that time by the deponent and
W R J Duryee. The said Delahay had in company
his Lady and Negro servant DianaDiana and her son
Josia, DianaDiana was at that time as near as I (deponent) can
Judge about thirty two years old and her son
Josias about fourteen months old, The said Del-
ahay asked deponent what he would give per
week per the service of DianaDiana , Deponent Told him
that he would give him whatever she was worth
Delahay then said she was worth $2 per week
deponent told him that she was not worth that much
to deponent & he would not give it but that he would
give, as he had before stated what she was worth;
upon those consideration DianaDiana went to work for
deponent, at that time he considered himself bound to
Delahay for the wages of DianaDiana part of which he paid
in furnishing her clothes, she remained in the employ of
the deponent four weeks, (Delahay there went to housekeeping and kept house about three weeks, at which time his lady died
and Delahay, Dina & her son returned to deponents house
where they stayed about three months, DianaDiana at the sametime
working for deponent according to Delahay's instructions
while Delahay, Diana & her son was at deponents house Charles

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Collins came there three times once having his Lady with him
each time he inquired if Deana & her son were still living
with the deponent, He (CollinsCollins ) saw DianaDiana each time and
spoke to her. The last time, CollinsCollins was at the house, deponent
thinks he stayed three days and on the evening of the
third day & on the evening of the third day he (collins) left
for St LouisSt Louis & on the evening of the same day that CollinsCollins
left the Constable of Naples called on deponent and said
he had a writ for DianaDiana , Deponent asked him the nature
of the writ, Constable said that Murry McConnelMcConnell was
at the Squire's office and Claimed the negro DianaDiana
deponent went to the office & heard the trial and DianaDiana
was there proven Collins' Slave, Murry McConnelMcConnell
being attorney for CollinsCollins , Murry McConnelMcConnell left
for St LouisSt Louis the same night taking DianaDiana & her son
with him, Deponent saw said McConnelMcConnell register his
name on the books of the Boat ``Murry McConnelMcConnell
& Servant'' deponent stated before that he thought
CollinsCollins left on the evening of the trial - is not certain
whether he went before the trial or afterwards with
McConnelMcConnell and DianaDiana - Deponent did not pay Dela-
hay any wages for DianaDiana on account of Collins' claim-
her as his property with the exceptions of the clothes
he furnished her while living with him, amounting
to ten or Fifteen dollars and further the deponent
saith not

Ross B. Hughes