Louis Scott, a man of colour v. William Burd
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The State Of MissouriMissouri,

To Louis DuBreuilLouis DuBreuil To the Constable of St. LouisSt Louis Township, in the County of St. LouisCounty of St Louis-Greeting:

We command you to summon BernardBernard Smelter
that, all excuses and delays being set aside, he personally be and appear before the undersigned, a Justice
of the Peace within and for the county aforesaid, on the sixth day of December1841, at the hour of six o'clock A. M., at his office, in the Township of St. LouisSt Louis, to testify on the trial
of a case wherein LouisLouis Scott ScottLouis Scott is
plaintiff, and William BurdWilliam Burd
defendant, on the part of the plaintiff; and of this he is not to fail, at his peril;
and have you then there this writ.

Given under my hand, this second day of December 1841.


KretschmarKretschmar Justice.