Louis Scott, a man of colour v. William Burd
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Louis ScottLouis Scott
William BurdWilliam Burd

In Circuit CourtCircuit Court

Now this day comes the said
Louis ScottLouis Scott plaintiff by his attorney
JJ Langton LangtonJ Langton and prays the Court
to grant him a new trial in the
above entitled case for the following reasons.

1st Because the Court erred in not
permitting the Jurors on the trial in
the above cause to be interrogated
on their voir dire to the following
effect to wit and in the following
wordsâ have your made up or
expressed yourself any opinion with
regard to the freedom of slaves
Have you any prejudices on your
mind that might interfere with
your Verdict in this case-â

2nd Because the Court erred
in not permitting BernhartBernhart Smelter
the plaintiffs witness to have
an interpreter in the ab trial
aforesaid, the said Smelter being
a German

3rd Because the court's
instructions to the said Jury in
the said cause was against law-

4th Because the Verdict of
the said Jury was against law against, evidence and the weight of evidence

J LangtonJ Langton atty