Louis Scott, a man of colour v. William Burd
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[ Lewis ScottLewis ]ScottLewis Scott
William BurdWilliam Burd

In the St. Louis CircuitCircuit Court
CourtCircuit CourtApril Term A.D. 1844
Trespass & false imprisonment

Be it remembered that on the trial of the
above cause to writ on the 23d - day of May - A.D. 1844 in the said term
of the circuit court a jury was empanelled
and duly sworn on their voir dire, when
the plaintiffs counsel proposed to interrogate
the whether they or either of
them entertained
which in a suit for freedom would
prevent them from rendering a true
verdict, the same question was proposed
in several various forms, but the court
refused to allow the question to be put
to the Jurors, the jury were then sworn in
the usual form to try the said cause
The plaintiff then produced BernhartBernhart Smelter
a German as a witness as in said cause who
on application for an interpreter of the German
into English and vice or versa was refused by the
court for the reason that the court was of
opinion that an interpreter was not necessary
after said witness proceeded some time to give
his testimony The plaintiffs counsel again applied
for an interpreter for said witness on the ground understood the English language
so imperfectly, which was again refused by the
Court. the said witness gave the following testimony
before the said Court the said cause
to wit that he had been acquainted with the parties
to this suit sinceDecember 1835, I Bought of
BurdBurd TildenBurd &Co. of which firm defendant was
a member, two Copper stills to take to St ClairSt Clair County

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CountySt Clair County in the State ofIllinois IllinoisIllinois the stills after were
found imperfect, and I called at defendants shop in
St. LouisSt Louis in the State of MissouriMissouri and defendant or his
partner said he would send over to IllinoisIllinois the plaintiff
a yellow man to mend said StillsStills , I said that,
I would prefer a [ pensylvania ] dutchman to the yellow
man, oneAdam SadlerAdam Sadler was present and acted as interpreter
on the occasion, the dutchman could not go
on account of his family's sickness, defendant said that
the yellow man (the Louis ScottLouis Scott ) would do as well
as the dutchman this conversation was on the 15th day of February 1836 at deft. shop in said St. LouisSt Louis, I then
went over to St Clair CountySt Clair County IllinoisIllinois, and on the 19th or 20th of Feby 1836, Louis ScottLouis Scott the plaintiff came over to StSt Clair County
Clair CountySt Clair County IllinoisIllinois and worked on the StillsStills , he came
over a second time and [ staid ] about four days working
on said stills in the State ofIllinois IllinoisIllinois, the stills did
not yet answer and on the 7th of March 1836 the plaintiff
Lewis ScottLewis Scott came over again and said the soldering melted away, I had seen the defendant BurdBurd or his partner
who sent over the said yellow man Lewis ScottLewis Scott in saw
StSt Clair County Clair CountySt Clair County IllinoisIllinois, he remained there four days
working on said stills, said ScottScott was in all about
thirteen or fourteen days in St Clair CountySt Clair County State ofIllinois
IllinoisIllinois, during which time plaintiff's board
was paid by this witness, and the defendant
was to have pay for the hire of said yellow man
Lewis ScottLewis Scott , Mr. BurdBurd the defendant presented the like
to me for the hire of said ScottScott for said work in
IllinoisIllinois, I offered JohnJohn Schriber SchriberJohn Schriber as security therefor
I finally cost the Kettles or stills entirely. Defendant agreed
to take the Kettles or stills Back and give up my
notes which he held, I sent the StillsStills to Mr.
to give them to defendant, I was allowed 20 cents per pound
for them, defendant Brought in the Bill for the hire