Louis Scott, a man of colour v. William Burd
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of plaintiff for work in IllinoisIllinois the Bill amounted
to $26 dollars The same was presented a second time
and I was told if I would not pay it I would be
sent to jail, and I was put in jail for said
Bill I sent for JohnJohn Schriber SchriberJohn Schriber , I know of no
person in the matter but John SchriberJohn Schriber
I BurdBurd the defendant, the stills were returned
and defendant received them, the said Bill for said
hire was presented for payment about 4 month after
the StillsStills were sent over the last time I was
put to jail I paid two dollars per week for the
Board of said ScottScott whilst he ScottScott was in StSt Clair County.
Clair CountySt Clair County IllinoisIllinois, Witness cross-examined
by deft's counsel, the said yellow man went to
the State ofIllinois IllinoisIllinois on the 15th of February 1836 the
first time, the last time 7th day of March 1836
the where the contact was made by
defendant to send plaintiff to IllinoisIllinois was on main
Street in St. LouisSt Louis not above the Bank, the
account was first presented shortly after the
work was done in IllinoisIllinois at witness's place
there by Burds Clerk next time after
setting for the StillsStills At the
St. LouisSt Louis Boarding house by BurdBurd deft
himself he said he would put me in
jail, I said I had settled all by giving
up the stills, I was put in jail
Schriber paid some of it I paid Schriber
he was on a note of 300 dollars, witness
was on the note. I was not put in jail
for a note as I believe but for 30 dollars
Mr. BurdBurd on cause up with the jailor
and the jailer let me go, I thought deft
did not treat me well, I feel no anger
towards defendant, young BurdBurd may
have been over, I think he did not come

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to my house, I Bought the old still
in 1835 they would not hot steam Mr
Sadler was there two weeks before, Sadler
interpreted 4 times 1st when some hooks
were made in last of [ december ] or January
& when the stills were taken over in
January next inFebruary 15th, when
the Kettles would not do next the 7th day of March 1835 - Reexamined by plaintiff
counsel - I understood that I was
put in jail for the hire of the yellow
man Lewis ScottLewis Scott while in St ClairSt Clair County CountySt Clair County
IllinoisIllinois working on the stills or Kettles, young
BurdBurd may have been at my house but
I cannot recollect it distinctly -
JamesJames Reed being sworn and examined
on behalf of the plaintiff gave the
following testimony to wit, I am acquainted with the parties in this suit, I was
not present when BurdBurd deft. sold the
Kettles to BernhartBernhart , defendant
said to him that plaintiff had sued
him for his freedom, BurdBurd Claimed
plaintiff as his slave, defendant always
contracts for the services of plaintiff I
think that defendant told me some time after
suit was brought that he was at the
East when LewisLewis Scott ScottLewis Scott did the work
in IllinoisIllinois and that he did not know
that the boy had been sent there
till some time after the work
had been done; their place of doing
Business was on [ main ] between Pine
& Chestnut Streets in the CityCity of St Louis of St. LouisCity of St Louis
in 1838 they had not two places of
doing business