Louis Scott, a man of colour v. William Burd
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Adam SadlerAdam Sadler being sworn and examined
in behalf of the Plaintiff testified that
he was working in defendants
shop when plaintiff Lewis ScottLewis Scott was
sent to IllinoisIllinois the firm was BurdBurd
TildenBurd and Co Alfred M. Rucker one of
the witnesses in behalf of the defendant
was in the shop when defendant
was absent defendant was Boss
he saw BernhartBernhart Smelter in the
shop defendant went to the east but
not at the time that plaintiff was
sent to IllinoisIllinois defendant was not absent
on the 24th of February 1836, dont know
how long defendant remained in the east
he knew those facts from a Book he
saw the Book and it was kept
by Smelter's Clerk, saw it in Smelter's
office Smelter showed it to him
Smelter sent him a letter to come from IllinoisIllinois and testify in this
case, he had the letter in his
possession, Smelter was to pay
him for his time & board where
attending as a witness in said cause
Alfred M. Rucker a witness in
behalf of the defendant being
sworn and examined and first sworn
on his voir dire states that he wants
neither gain or lose by the event
of the suit, when sworn in
he states that in 1836 he went to
work for BurdBurd TildenBurd and Co
composed of Burd TildenBurd and this
witness, they had two different places
of doing business one north of the

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Bank on Main Street and the other
several squares south of it between
Pine and Chestnut streets, In
February 1836Smelter called at the
Shop of Burd TildenBurd & Co to
have some work [ repaired ] done on stills
previously purchased of Defendant which
stills were at that time in St. Clair
county in the State ofIllinois IllinoisIllinois, that
Smelter requested some person
from BurdBurd Tilder & Co's shop to go to
IllinoisIllinois and do said repairs
Smelter wanted a German from
PennsylvaniaPennsylvania who worked in [ sad ]
shop to do said repairs in IllinoisIllinois
but his family having
sick he could not go Witness
then sent Louis ScottLouis Scott Defendant's
slave and the plaintiff in
this suit to the said St ClairSt Clair County
CountySt Clair County IllinoisIllinois to make the
repairs on said Still, that this
plaintiff ScottScott remained in StSt Clair County.
ClairSt Clair County CountySt Clair County IllinoisIllinois during
7 1/2 days the
for which work Smelter was
charged on the Books of defendant
at $ 2,50 per day, witness was in
defendantsStore of Burd Burd Tilden & Co. every day
except one week in June and
attended to sales and keeping Books
Plaintiff was usually there unless
when sick, Plaintiff is not healthy
the first time Smelter called was
the 11th day of February 1836 as witness