Louis Scott, a man of colour v. William Burd
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the court for a new trial for the
following reasons (Clerk will here
insert reasons) but the court overruled
said motion to which decision
the plaintiff by his attorney excepts
and prays that his bill of
exceptions in that [ behahalf ]
might be allowed

The following statement of facts

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by Conduct of Counsel is added to the bill
of exceptions- to wit; that a short time after
the trial of the Cause aforesaid Plffs. Counsel
called at the office of Defts. Counsel for
the purpose of submitting to him the Bill of
exceptions in the above cause, & was
informed by the Partner of Defts Counsel that
Defts Counsel had on the 21st day of July 1844 left. St. LouisSt Louis & would be
absent some time - Mr Spaling was
absent from the City of St. LouisCity of St Louis from the 21st of July 1844, about one month
& after he returned he remained in
the City Constantly to this time- The Court adjoined from 18th July to 2nd of Sept 1844, & from day to day in the
regular transaction of business
from said 2nd of Sept. to this date-
This bill of exceptions was first presented to
the Court to be signed on the4th day of October 1844, but was signed in

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consequence of some argument about
the evidence, until the 15. of October 1844.

John MJohn M Krum KrumJohn M Krum

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