Brunetta Barnes, by and through her next friend, Peter Charleville v. Barry Meachum
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County of St LouisCounty of St LouisSs

The State of MissouriMissouri

To the Sheriff of the County of St LouisCounty of St Louis

Whereas it having represented to our Honorable
Circuit CourtCircuit Court now in Session in the City of St LouisCity of St Louis by the petition
of Barnes a female of about the age of fifteen years
who has been heretofore permitted to bring suit (by her next friend,
PeterPeter ) against Berry that she
is subjected by the said to gross insults, as in
her petition stated. You are therefore commanded
to bring the said Barness into our said court
and also to summon the said Berry that
he be and appear before our said court on Wednesday the
second day of September instant at ten o'clock A.M.
and there to answer the Petition ofsaid Brunrtta
Barnes hereto - and have you then and there
this writ your return how you shall
execute the same.

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Witness John RulandJohn Ruland , Clerk of
our said Court at office in the CityCity of St Louis
of St LouisCity of St Louis this first day of September in the year four Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty.

Jn. RulandJohn Ruland Clerk