Alsey vs. William Randolph
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The Deposition of DanielDaniel Wood taken at the same
time and placed to be read as evidence in the same
suit the said deponent being of Lawful age and first
duly sworn says he knew a coloured woman by the name
of Ailsey who Resided with RobertRobert Funkhouser at the
SalineSaline in this County and over whom Funkhouser
exercised ownership that she ailsey was there
in 1819 and Continued with him several
years perhaps three or four and perhaps more

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The Deposition of timothy guard Taken as
office of the clerk of the Circuit Court of gallatin
County in the Town of equality and state of illinois
on the 29th day of June AD 1841

agreeably to the mission here unto annexed
and to be read as evidence on the part of the plaintiff
in a suit now pending and undetermined in
the Circuit CourtCircuit Court for the County of St LouisCounty of St Louis
and state of missouri wherein Ailsey a
woman of Color is Plaintiff and william
SS Randolph RandolphS Randolph is defendant. The deponent being
know to me and of Lawful age and first duly
Sworn deposeth and saith to wirt

That some years ago he was acquainted with a colored
woman by the name of Ailsey who belong to or was in
of RobertRobert houser at the Salin in
this County where she remainded in housers
same three or four years when he
houser gave up the said Ailsey and two
Children to me to pay a debt and afterwards she
was run off from here by housers friends
and overtaken by me and sent by me to
to a friend for safe keeping where one
the fatherinlaw of housers for her
and her Children when after lawing about them
some time we compromised and he gave up
one of the Children which Shortly afterwards
child and Further this deponent saith nor

Sworn to and Subscribed
before me

Leo White P. I. P