Alsey vs. William Randolph
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State ofIllinois IllinoisIllinois County of MadisonMadison

Deposition of John
of the County and State of aforesaid taken
in the 25th day of june AD 1841 between the
of 10 in the morning and 6 o clock in
the evening of the same day, at the officer
of Capland of the
of said city and state to the
to be read in Evidence in a
before the St. LouisSt LouisVincentVincent court me
the state of missouri between Alsey a
of colour plantiff and defendant as
follows the said john johnson death
and say that about the year 1819 I
was living the christian County and
had a negro girl by name of Alsey
in my family belonging to
Cross, and on a certain day I Cannot see
the precise a houser came to my house and said
he had come for the negro girl
above named and as he was known to
the family and myself I did not present
him fresh taking the negro, and he did so &
the next time I saw the girl Alsey in a short time Mr Cross
got me to accompany him in search
of his negro and found him at the house of
WilliamWilliam camp in the state of
where she had been brought by as Mr.CampbellCampbell told us and he
Mr.CampbellCampbell would not give up the negro
girl and compelled us at the print of a
to Mr cross then sued

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Mr.CampbellCampbell in the court of County the Suit was put off
some time by Mr.CampbellCampbell until about
the year when obtained the
said girl at law and had authority
to take his negro and I was sent by
after her, who had been carried back
to illinois by Mr.CampbellCampbell where I form
her, and took her home to her master in
so to whom she belonged as
property to my certain knowledge
fallon to him by


sworn to and subscribed before
me at my officer
in on the 25th day of june AD 1841