Alsey vs. William Randolph
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Deposition of witness produce, sworn and
examined on the 29th day of December a.D.
eighteen hundred and forty one, by consent of
parties, at the office of justin witmore in
the city of St. LouisSt Louis, the county of St. LouisSt Louis
and state of missouri, between the hours
of nine in the fournoon and six in the
afternoon, before we alphonso witmore a justice
after peace within and for the county and
state aforesaid in a certain cause now
pending in the St. Louis Circuit CourtCircuit Court of
St. LouisSt Louis county and state of missouri, between
alsey (of color) plaintiff, and WilliamWilliam
Rudolph defendant on the part of the plaintiff.

James DuncanJames Duncan , of lawful age being
and sworn and examined on the part of
the plaintiff and saithknew,
that he knows a coloured woman
whose name is Alsey who was in posession
of RobertRobert was a
son-in-law of a logan county
an old man with that this woman lived with some five or six years at the
saline sick, gallantin county, IllinoisIllinois
as a slave, and she, the said alsay, lived there
as a slave, by gift from the father in law of
the said , as this deponent understood -
the person here present is the
alsey, above mentioned The aforesaid
beacuse claimed the said alsey as his property at
the time and place aforesaid. The residence of
Mr.crops above mentioned was about one

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hundred and sixty or seventy miles from
the said
Mr.crops speak of the said alsay living with the
said about three years ago this for the defense objects
to the making any
statements as to the ( of .)
Deponent states that from the year 1818
to about 1825 the said alsey lived with the
in the state of IllinoisIllinois
at the place aforesaid. Deponent states that
he understood from Mr.Crops that he had
given the said alsay to the said on certain conditioners, and from
that he had brought her
to IllinoisIllinois from KentuckyKentucky (The statements
of Crops hered as above recited by
Deponent the Defendants counsel objects to.)

Deponent, being crossexamined by defendants counsel states, that he was at
in illinois the period above stated,
about once or twice a year, having servants hired to at the same time
who have since obtained their freedom
Deponent states that he has frequently sum
in St. LouisSt Louis, since 1825, at different
times. Deponent further states that he has frequently
knowledge where alsey came from, to the
saline in illinois expect what crops and
had told him. Deponent knows. RobertRobert
to his sorrow, and is sorry to know such
a man. Deponent states that he would give
a hundred dollars to see the said alsay get her