Alsey vs. William Randolph
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Deponent states that he had been to say told that
Judge Robert WashRobert Wash was defending this suit but
not until he was evening wite this office ;
and that he was to learn it, and
that he learned it from Mr.Mudroch the
plaintiff counsel never had any personal
differently with Judge WashWash , and his only
fee proud from the judge having made
decisions against him which were neither
legal nor constituitional The deponent
further states that the reason why he said the
he would give a hundredd Dollars ti see the
said alsay get her freedom, was because
he, judge wash had given such decisions against
him, in cases of suits for freedom, brought by
his own servants. Deponent was not make
there statements because he would wish to wrong
Judge WashWash , but very much dislikes the

JamesJames duncan