Alsey vs. William Randolph
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Depositions of produced sworn and examined
at the office of said in the town of vrina county
of of before acting
of the in and for said county is a cause
now pending in the St. Louis Circuit CourtCircuit Court State ofMissouri MissouriMissouri
between Alsey plintiff and WilliamWilliam & RandolphRandolph defandant
on the part of the Defandant

John who being of lawful age produced
sworn and examined part of the defandant
deposit and saith that several years since I was
living in county state of kentucky and had
living on staying at my a negro girl named Alsey
belonging to of lagan County KentuckyKentucky
and an a certain time to
my house and said he had cause for the girl Alsey
and as he was a relation of crop I at the time
that he had authority and did not privent his taking her
which he did I soon heard that the negro had been
taken off and that crop was very much distressed
at the circumstance at the time of take of
the negro was going to Buller county when he had been
living as he told me in the state of kentucky. After crop
found whom his negro was cross sent after her to and I found her at the U S and I was inormed
that had sold or mortgaged the negro to I
grand and I did not get her I informed crop he came
to my house and I went with him in search of the negro
she had been never by Grand back to kentucky where we
found her at WilliamWilliam campbell's in County
in the state of kentucky and crop in to take him
by form and campbell presented arms and we had to
leave crop in CircuitCircuit Court
CourtCircuit Court and after some time he

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law and I was sent by crop to IllinoisIllinois for the negro whom she had been nun by campbell and with intention to run off the negro at her as CampbellCampbell told himself and mark
of her Crop took counsel learnd that campbell was
instalmentand that the lap of all the negroes & cast
would be the result if campbell run there off crop
there calcuted to compromise and gave up part (as
the negro had same childrens for the ballance which was given
up to me at Shawmutaun IllinoisIllinois and I took them
how to there master in lagan Ky to whom she
belonged as bonafide property from what I heard I believe
that crap did not give leave for the negro to be taken
from my house at first and further the deponant
saith not

John JohnstonJohn Johnston