Alsey vs. William Randolph
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The depositions of DanielDaniel Wood
and -
taken between
the hours of nine o' clock and five
before JamesJames an acting justice
of the peace in and for the County ofCounty of Gallatin GallatinCounty of Gallatin
in the state of IllinoisIllinois at the office of
in , in said County
on theeight day of november one thousand eight hundred and forty two in persuance
of the within commission of notice
to be read in in a certain suit
at law in the St Louis Circuit CourtCircuit Court now pending and undetermined wherein alsay
(of color) is plaintiff & WilliamWilliam RandolphRandolph
is defandant.

DanielDaniel Woods - a witness on the part
of plaintiff being first to testify
the whole truth truth touching his knowledge
of any thing relating to the matter in controversy
between the said Alsay of the & WilliamWilliam RandolphRandolph in to the several
interrogatives of plaintiff -

Do you know the
to this suit?

answer I not said RandolphRandolph ,
I new a negro named
that was in the position of RobertRobert
in the year 1819 on 2nd - To whom did the said Elsay ?
woman Alsey.

how? long did Alsay live in gallantin County
I do not know how long the woman
I come in the fall
of 1819for she lived two years afterwards