Alsey vs. William Randolph
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Int 4th means of knowing the length
of residence of and also as to whom she belonged
answer I recorded in the family of a two years and saw him
the said Alsey
and he said he got him by his wife, the
to to his wife then in
the of

Int 5th Did the father of
the family of was
living in gallantin County - - him
often to your knowledge,

I never saw of his being
but one whist Alsey was them

Int 6th what was the name of
father and did you ever have
with him respecting Alsey?

his name was
I never had any conversation with
of they them
by the at the same term and
place land by the deponant.

7th was then a mother claimant
to the said be sids
if state all a it

excepts to

claimed the
by bill of and and place do
here in the of WilliamWilliam and
for and

plff exepts

of did say at any time
that he had no wrought to the said negro

brass sad for the
in KentuckyKentucky said that
would gain the negro for she longed to

plff excepts