Alsey vs. William Randolph
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how long was the negro Alsey he

I do know but I think they
will not in this county a great while he

4th how long did
and what circumstances
attendid her in relation to the said negro

answer I do not think that he slaid them
move than a day or two I think that Crops
come dawn the same thing a about the negro
these the grasses was not sold ,
as he had let
the negro Alsey but he had not said over any, night
of her

5th at the some time you heard he and
say than he got the negro
Alsey from and Crop did not also
under stand that he got and mentioned
of her with out the on
consent of crops

answer I under stood from some of the
family about the that he had brought
Alsey off with and consent but
not from him