Alsey vs. William Randolph
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state of IllinoisIllinois County

I JamesJames M MJames M JonesJones an acting justice of the peace
and for said county of gallatin do certify
that the foregoing deposition of DanielDaniel Wood
who resides in said county was duly
taken by me at the office of HenryHenry
in town in said County in of the on the
eighth day of november with of our

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one thousand eight hundred and fourty two between the hours of nine o clock
and five the said DanielDaniel has been first duly to testify the whole
truth touching his knowledge of any
thing in relation to the matter in controversy
and now pending in the St. LouisSt Louisvincent
court wherein alsey (of color) is plaintiff
and WilliamWilliam S RandolphS Randolph is
defendant and that the same was
subscribed by the said DanielDaniel Wood
at the said time and place which certify under my hand this eight day of november AD 1842


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