Alsey vs. William Randolph
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This said examination of witnesses being
continued till the 9th day of November, 1842
at which time the examination was resumed
at the office of said Eddy in
between the hours of 9 o'clock a.m. and
5 o'clock p.m.- and TimothyTimothy general
appeared as a witness who being first duly
sworn to testify the whole truth touching his
knowledge of any thing in relation to the
matter in controversy, between the said Alsey
and the said WilliamWilliam . S. RandolphS Randolph , in the StCircuit Court .
Louis Circuit CourtCircuit Court , now pending & undertermened,
and answered interrogatories as

1.By the plaintiff. Were you acquaionted
with Alsey, a negro woman, plff in this suit
and with the said williamS.RandolphS Randolph , the St.LouisSt Louis circuit!
and if how long, and under what circumstances ?

Answer - I do not know the Defendant
RandolphRandolph at all I know a black
woman called Alsey belonging to the RobertRobert
sometime in eighteen hundred
and twenty three where I bought how from
. with other property
to pay a certain debt due from
said and held her in my
pasesion for two or three months in
I there her to
in KentuckyKentucky where suit was brought
by craps a me for
her paid the negro woman Alsey was
recovered by judgement an the 8th March 1824.

2. question by the plaintiff- How long had Robert

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R., lived on resided in the for works near
when you purchased Alsey fron him?

Answer- Four or five years

3 question by Plaintiff. Do you know that
the said Alsey was ever removed out
of said trial, from the time that said
first brought her into said
, until you sent her to ? -

Answer I did not

4th question by plff. How long did said
negro woman Alsey reside in
after she came into your
and who with?

Answer- between two or three
months and resided with John
a of said Town.

5th question by the plaintiff is
or was it then, within the fact reserved
for salt works, near town?-

Answer it is not now matter
was it then

Crop Intrrogation is by the deft and answers by the

Do you know of any actual true for sale or gift
of the said Negro Alsey to the said
by Crop ?

Answer I do not

2nd- Do you know that the said Negro Alsey
bird with during the time your stay
he in the ?

Answer I do not know how long she
lined with him