Alsey vs. William Randolph
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Also the of john how
taken at the same time and place
the said 9th day of November 1842. The
said witness being of lawful of first duly sworn
is follows.

question by plaintiff Did you know alsey
a negro woman, brought into this state and
into to the had reserved for the salt works
near town, by RobertRobert
did you know
her, and how long was she residing
with said within said

Answer I knew her, from the
year 1819 till 1823 or 24 I saw her
off tour, clearing the above time in
the of said
and of she was ever about the
state, that time I do
not know it.

2. question by plff What was
your employment that
time, and your means of knowledge

Answer I was loving at the
half moon during that time, where all the salt with and employed
in drawing water said
was a salt maker & got his water
from the half moon walls, and I was
after there at and
knew the said negro woman will
and the family of will.