Alsey vs. William Randolph
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3d Question by Plff.what is the
of within the that
by the constitution of IllinoisIllinois for the said at
the was it than?

Answer It is not was not
at the time I refer to

In time by the deft and answers by
the deponent.

Interrogatory Do you know whether
the Mayor Alsey belong to

answer I heard wife say
the negro woman Alsey herewith was here
Fathers (3 ) negro
It was also commonly under that
she was negro

plff excepts

- During the time Alsey was with
was she with in the and was she held as a slave?

Answer - She was with in
and was held as a slave

Cross interrogatory by plaintif

How do you know she was held as
a slave?

answer she was held as a ,
and I heard
say she was her, slave