Alsey vs. William Randolph
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State ofIllinois IllinoisIllinois

I an acting justice of the peace
said county of gallatin do certify that the foregoing
disposition of johngreensboro
resides in in mid County ofCounty of Gallatin GallatinCounty of Gallatin was duly taken
by me between the of nineo' clock
and P U at the office of HenryHenry Eddy
in and county in in
of the & noice, on the ninth day of November in the year of our still the one thousand eight hundred and forty two - the examination of witnesses having
the is eight day of November 1842 - the said john been sworn to the where
of any thing in relation to the
matter in controversy and now pending in the
St. LouisSt Louis wherein alsey (of color)
is plaintiff and williamRandolphRandolph is defandant
and that the mid examination was
subscribed by the
time and place - which
had this ninth day of november AD 1842

James, , Louis

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