Richard Thompson, a man of colour v. James E. Blount and Leakin Baker
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State of MissouriMissouri
CountyCounty St Louis of St LouisCircuit Court

St LouisCounty St LouisCircuit CourtCircuit Court
March Term 1841

To the honorableLuke ELuke E Lawless .
LawlessLuke E Lawless sold Judge of the said St LouisCircuit Court
Circuit CourtCircuit Court . Your petitioner RichardRichard Tompson
TompsonRichard Tompson a man of colour humbly
complaining, respectfully showeth unto
your honor. That he is at this time held
in slavery by oneJames E BlountJames E Blount and
Baker Fred White men of the city
of Saint LouisSt Louis and within the jurisdiction
of your honorable Court rendering at
this time services as a slave for the benefit
of said Blount & Baker before
then represents that he fomerly belay-
ed to General WilliamWilliam H AshleyH Ashley deceased
and belonged to him at the time of his
death who lived in the said City of St LouisCity of St Louis
when he departed this Life. And that
at said Ashley's death he said de-
cedent made and published his last
will and testament wherein and by
which he liberated and set free forev-
er your petitioner and that since his
said Ashley's death your petitioner has
been or pretended to be sold as he has
been informed and verily believes by
the personal representatives of said decedents
estate to said Blount and Ba-
ker as a slave for life. Your petitioner
avers that he is entitled by said will
and the cases of the land to his freedom
and that he is now about thirty-nine

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years of age. He your petitioner therefore
humbly prays your honor to grant
him leave to sue in your honorable
Circuit CourtCircuit Court at the March Term
thereof for the year Eighteen hundred
and forty-one as a poor person agreeably
to the laws of the said state of
MissouriMissouri in such cases made and
provided in order to establish his right
to his freedom for the reasons and causes
aforesaid and your petitioner will
ever pray &c.

Richard TompsonRichard Tompson
By John BJohn B KingKing
his attorney