Charles, a man of color v. Belina Christy and Melanie Christy
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To the Hon, the Circuit Court of the County of S LouisCounty of S Louis

CharlesCharles , a man of color, respectfully
represents, that he was born at the village
of CahokiaCahokia, St ClairSt Clair County CountySt Clair County in the state
of IllinoisIllinois in the family of JosephJoseph
Esq, whose servant the mother of your
petitioner was, that your petitioner is
now about the age of twenty three
years old, that when about the age of eleven
years, your petitioner was levied on by the
Sheriff of St ClairSt Clair County CountySt Clair County in said State of IllinoisIllinois
on an execution against said , and
sold byvirtue thereof to one AlfredAlfred Cowles
with whom your petitioner continued to
reside until about four years ago, when the
said Cowles sold your petitioner to Ebenezer
Pickering, who about three years ago
sold him to SamuelSamuel ChristyChristy , who has since
deceased, that Belina the widow of said
ChristyChristy , now pretends to claim you petitioner
as her property, and restrains him of his just
rights, liberty & freedom, which he is informed
and believes under thesefacts he has a legal
right to - & he therefore prays this honorable
Court to grant him leave to sue as a poor
person, in order to establish his right to
freedom in an action of false imprisonment
against the said BelinaBelina Christy ChristyBelina Christy , & he will pray

CharlesCharles his mark