Charles, a man of color v. Belina Christy and Melanie Christy
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The Court being of opinion, that the foregoing petition of
CharlesCharles , a man of color, contains sufficient matter to
authorize the commencement of a suit makes the
following orders.

First That CharlesCharles a man of color be allowed to sue
as a poor person to establish his right to freedom and as
-signs Messrs. Risque, Murdoch & King as his counsel.
Second that the said CharlesCharles have reasonable

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to attend his counsel and the court as
may require: that he be not removed out of the juris-
diction of the Court, and that he be not subject to
any severity on account of his application for freedom.

Bryan MullanphyBryan Mullanphy , Judge of the 8th
Judicial Circuit of MissouriCircuit Court

a true copy of the order

attest Jn RulandJohn Ruland Clk