Mary Robertson v. Ringrose Watson
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Louis Du Breuil summoned to appear before the
HonorableSt Louis Circuit CourtCircuit Court on the eighth day of October in the year A.D. 1841 in the matter
pending before said Court on the petition and affidavit
of one HenryHenry L CobbL Cobb .
stating that MaryMary negress is a petitioner for
freedom and is detained in custody &c HumblyHumbly
showeth that that he is constable of St LouisSt Louis Township on second day of August in
the year AD 1841 a unit of attachment was found by
Alphonso WitmoreAlphonso Witmore Justice of the Peace in and for
the county of St LouisSt Louis at the suit of BenjaminBenjamin Woods
and against one Amos L CarsonAmos L Carson
directed to your respondent and ordering him
to attach the said CarsonCarson by all and his
goods and chattels to the amount therein specified &
named, and that on the second day of August
your respondent did levy the said writ upon a MaryMary this good the said negro goodwoman as
the property of the said CarsonCarson and that afterwards by
due course of law, a judgment was obtained in
said suit against the said CarsonCarson and a writ
of fieri facias delivered on the 25th day of September 1841 by the said Justice
into the hands of your respondent directing
him to the amount therein specified
and out of the good of the said
CarsonCarson and on the and your respondent
these said in such cases provided
who sold in the Township of St. LouisSt Louis on
the 7th day October, and was proceeding to sell
the same when He was summoned to appear
before your Circuit and he delivered up
the said negress up to the sheriff of St Louis County
He therefore prays the court that he may go
day that such order relative to the property
may taken as may hold him harmless. &c
Louis De Breuil

Sworn to & subscribed in open courtFeb 7th 1841

Jn RulandJohn Ruland Clerk