Jonathan, a man of color v. Marshall Brotherton, Joel Darrah, and Aza Willoughby
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that shortly after this marriage, a seperation
took place between them on account of the bad conduct
and habitual, of the husband
and a bill for divorce at the suit of the wife
Eleanor Willoby is now defending in the MadisonMadison
Circuit CourtCircuit Court , IllinoisIllinois - that at the present
term of the St. LouisSt Louis Court of Common Pleas one
JoelJoel Dannah obtained judgment against said
Aza WilloughbyAza Willoughby and an execution was issued
and a levy made upon your petitioner
as Aza Willoughbys property, by the Sherrif of
St. Louis County Marshall BrothertonMarshall Brotherton , in whom
custody he now is confined in the jail of said County,
although your petitioner never was in said Aza Willoughbys
possession, nor has he ever received any portion
of your petitioners wages as he claims. Under these
state of facts your petitioner believes that he is
entitled to his freedom, and with the full consent
of the widow of James DJames D Gleason . GleasonJames D Gleason now the wife of
said AzaAza Willoughby WilloughbyAza Willoughby , who is guardian of her only child
living, by her first husband, he prays your honor to
allow him to sue as a poor person in order to
establish his right to freedom.



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