Jonathan, a man of color v. Marshall Brotherton, Joel Darrah, and Aza Willoughby
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GeorgeGeorge F Gleason F GleasonGeorge F Gleason stated, in
my Presence & in the presence
of W Dayton that he knew the
plaintiff JonathanJonathan a man of
color - that said JonathanJonathan
was brought from the state of
TennesseeTennessee by the brother of
said GleasonGleason - & was the property
of his brother at the time of
his death - GeorgeGeorge F Gleason F GleasonGeorge F Gleason
came to St LouisSt Louis at the same time
that said JonathanJonathan came
that the said JonathanJonathan injured
his foot or leg in some way
& became sick & helpless in
& that his
Brother sent him into IllinoisIllinois
for the purpose of having him
cured of his lameness &
illness- that said JonathanJonathan
recovered for some time
perhaps 6 or 8 months waited in IllinoisIllinois
but could not say precisely
how long that while said
JonathanJonathan was in IllinoisIllinois he
was sick most of the time that
said JonathanJonathan hired himself
to labor for a short time to
W Gleason stated to
whom but I cannot recollect
the name to gather corn that
said JonathanJonathan received pay
himself for his service