Jonathan, a man of color v. Marshall Brotherton, Joel Darrah, and Aza Willoughby
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GeorgeGeorge F Gleason F GleasonGeorge F Gleason said that he knew
that his mother never hired
out said JonathanJonathan in the state
of IllinoisIllinois knows also that
his brother did not receive
the wages of said JonathanJonathan
for any services said
JonathanJonathan rendered in Illinios
said he know also that his
brother did not know that
said JonathanJonathan had engaged
his services to anyone
in IllinoisIllinois until after
the said JonathanJonathan had
returned to MissouriMissouri
W Gleasonalso stated that JonathanJonathan
while he was in IllinoisIllinois frequently
assisted in the business
labor of the farm where he was
staying but he did so volun
tarily at his own instance
W Gleason said he knew
the facts above stated from the fact
that he was with his
brothers affairs lived immediately
adjoining the farm where said
JonathanJonathan was staying and saw
said JonathanJonathan about every
day while he was in IllinoisIllinois