Preston and Others v. George W. Coons, Administrator of the Estate of Milton Duty, et al.
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allegations of the same as particularly as if they were again
repeated and they seperately and specially [ thento ] interrogated
and the whole truth of their knowledge set forth and
discover touching the premises. That the premises considered
your Honor may award to your orators and oratrices
the suit of injunctin incited to the said GeorgeGeorge W Coons WGeorge W Coons .
CoonsGeorge W Coons administrator as aforesaid to enjoin and restrain him, his agents, and attorneys
from enforcing your orators and oratrices to sale on tuesday
the 12th Inst: to the order of the Probate Court
of the county of St. LouisSt Louis. That your orators and oratrices
be permitted to institute and prosecute this their suit in
chancery in forma pauperis and that they be exempt
from security and discharged from executing an injunction
bond. That Counsel be assigned them to prosecute
this suit, and your orators Preston & Braxton be
permitted to attend counsel and the court and to collect
testimony as the same may be deemed necessary.
That the sheriff or marshall of St. Louis County be directed
to take possession of your orators and oratrices immediately
and hire them out pending this suit. That
by a final decision of this Honorable Court they may have
awarded to them their personal freedom according to the
provisions of the will of their testator MiltonMilton Duty deceased
and such portion of his personal estate as they
or either of them may be entitled to under said
will. That the legal representation of HenryHenry Fernandis
did [ discribe ] and set forth what money or other
property he has in his possession or under his control
belonging to the estate of their testator in the state of
MississippiMississippi or elsewhere and the value and amount
thereof. That the said DavidDavid Coons CoonsDavid Coons be compelled to
appear before a special commissioner appointed by
this court for purpose and to produce his books containing

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all of the original of the accounts between
himself and the said MiltonMilton Duty in his life
time and to bring forward and exhibit to said commissioner
and this Honorable court all of the original
vouchers on which his claims against said estate
were allowed by the county court aforesaid and
the said commissioner be instructed to make up state and
settle the accounts between the said George W. CoonsGeorge W Coons adr: and
the said David CoonsDavid Coons upon legal vouchers only, without
regard to any settlement heretofore made before
the county or Probate court aforesaid. That the said
GeorgeGeorge W Coons W. CoonsGeorge W Coons also be compelled to settle his administration
account before a special commission appointed
for that purpose. That by a final decree of
this Honorable court his letters of administration
be and be compelled to pay over whatever
money he may have in his hand belonging to the
estate of the said MiltonMilton Duty decd- - That all
persons having or pretending to have claims against
the estate of the said MiltonMilton Duty deceased who
are made parties to this bill or who may hereafter
become parties may be compelled to state distinctly
and timely how and to what amount
the said Duly became indebted to them or either
of them. That the said John and WilliamWilliam Henderson
state how the said Duty became indebted to them, and
whether they have paid off the amount of the notes
to the said Duty in his life or to any one since his death
authorized to the same and finally may
this Honorable court to
other and further in the premises as may
be consistent with the principles of equity and
such as the of the case